Training Program Overview

CONCEPT offers several types and lengths of professional training programs. You can view the offerings in any category by clicking its icon.


Premium Professional Training

(10 hrs – 40 hrs | 10 – 40 CE)


Live Monthly Webinars

(1 hr | 1 CE)


Recorded Webinars

(1 hr – 3 hrs | 1 – 3 CE)


Book-Based CE Post-Tests

(5 hrs – 9 hrs | 5 – 9 CE)


AAFP Recorded Workshops

(3 hrs – 7 hrs | 3 – 7 CE)


Training Program Sequences

(40+ hours | 40+ CEs)

A Selection of our Self-Paced Training Programs
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A Selection of Our On-Demand Webinars
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A Selection of AAFP Recorded Workshops
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A Selection of Our Book-Based CE Programs
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Consolidated Continuing Education & Professional Training (CONCEPT) is a world-class provider of premium online professional training in areas relevant to criminal and civil forensic mental health assessment, corrections, law enforcement, and forensic intervention. We strive to provide busy professionals with the content they need, developed by the experts they know, and delivered in a format they want. We work with organizations to develop professional training programs appropriate to their needs and implement program evaluation to ascertain the effectiveness of the training and its impact on outcomes.

CONCEPT’s CE Board Approvals