Safer Communities, Safer Relationships: Generating Solutions for Reducing Persistent Violence and Other Serious Offending

Persistent violence and other serious offending behaviour has a devastating  effect on victims, family members, society and the perpetrators themselves. Finding effective solutions to reduce the incidence and severity of offending requires a cross-disciplinary focus. Only with a concerted and ongoing effort can we succeed in reducing the effects of these behaviours in our societies.

This international conference, co-hosted by Professor Rosemary Sheehan AM (Department of Social Work, Monash University) and Professor James Ogloff AM, brings together policy contributors, interdisciplinary practitioners, decision makers, advocates, and researchers to examine various aspects of serious offending and violence. The aim of the conference is to share research, practice and policy developments; to stimulate critical examination of the multifaceted causal issues; and to foster ongoing learning and collaborations.

The conference will give particular attention to the following themes:

  • Understanding violence and other serious offenses
  • Desistance from crime and community reintegration
  • Effective law and policy developments for managing and reducing offending Intimate partner and family violence
  • Solutions for severe and persistent young offenders
  • ‘Crossover kids’ – from protection to offending
  • Origins of violence and its life course
  • Neurobiology of violence
  • Mental illness, substance misuse, disability and violence
  • Effective interventions with perpetrators
  • Family law
  • Child protection

Abstracts are now invited on these themes and other relevant topics.

Instructions and a template are on the conference website.

Conference venue

The conference will be held at the Monash University Centre in Prato, in the beautiful 18th century Palazzo Vaj, just 20 minutes from Florence, in Tuscany, Italy.


Conference website:


Further information about the conference will be posted on the website in the coming weeks. If you wish to be notified of updates, or have any queries please contact:


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