Please Join Us for a 3-hr Live Webinar on the HCR-20 Version 3

HCR20We are pleased to announce a 3-hour live webinar on the newly revised Version 3 of the HCR-20 to be led by threat assessment expert and lead author of the measure, Dr. Kevin Douglas. The webinar will be held on 3 different dates and offered at 2 different times on each date. We are limiting space in each session so participants will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Douglas and ask questions regarding the development, use, and implementation of this risk assessment instrument. If you are interested in learning more about this important risk assessment instrument or are considering adopting it for use in your clinical practice, please join us for this webinar.

About the HCR-20 Version 3

The HCR-20 is the most commonly used violence risk assessment measure across 44 different countries. It helps professionals in correctional, mental health, and forensic settings make decisions about who poses higher versus lower risk for violence, either within institutions or in the community, and to devise and monitor violence risk management plans. The HCR-20 (Version 2) has been evaluated in more than 100 studies and implemented or evaluated in at least 32 countries.

Version 3 of the HCR-20 was recently released. Version 3 maintains the basic features of Version 2, but has additional features that will help decision makers to determine which risk factors are most relevant at the individual level, how to produce a meaningful case formulation, how to develop helpful risk management plans, and how to make decisions about level of violence risk. In addition, some of the items have changed from Version 2 to Version 3.

About Dr. Kevin Douglas

Douglas, Kevin.jpgKevin S. Douglas is Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University. He is also a Guest Professor of Applied Criminology at Mid-Sweden University, and a Senior Research Advisor at the University of Oslo. Dr. Douglas received his law degree in 2000 from the University of British Columbia, and his Ph.D. in clinical (forensic) psychology from Simon Fraser University in 2002. He received a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Career Scholar Award (2005-2010), and was the recipient of the Saleem Shah Award for Early Career Excellence in Psychology and Law (2005), awarded jointly by the American Psychology-Law Society and the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation (USA), Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. His research addresses violence risk assessment and management, the association between various mental and personality disorders (i.e., psychosis; psychopathy) and violence, and dynamic (changeable, treatment-relevant) risk factors. He is co-author of the Historical-Clinical-Risk Management-20 (HCR-20) violence risk assessment measure, which has been translated into 18 languages and is used broadly around the world (roughly 35 countries) in correctional, forensic, and psychiatric settings to help guide decisions about violence potential and how to reduce it. Dr. Douglas is lead author on the latest (third) revision of the HCR-20, called the HCR:V3. More recently, he has been conducting research on other violence-related adverse experiences, including suicide-related behavior, and being victimized by violence. On these topics, Dr. Douglas has authored over 100 journal articles, books, or book chapters.

About the Webinar

This is a 3-hour live webinar that allows for interaction with Dr. Douglas. Participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as 3 Continuing Education credits for attending.

Dates and Times

November 5th, 2014 | 9:00am (PST)/Noon (EST)     OR     1:00pm (PST)/4:00pm (EST)

November 10th, 2014 | 9:00am (PST)/Noon (EST)     OR     1:00pm (PST)/4:00pm (EST)

November 12th, 2014 | 9:00am (PST)/Noon (EST)     OR     1:00pm (PST)/4:00pm (EST)

Learning Objectives

This 3-hour live webinar will:

• Describe the revision process for the development of Version 3 and outline the changes that differentiate Version 2 from Version 3

• Provide an overview of the items and a discussion regarding how the measure can be used in practice (implementation issues)

• Provide an opportunity to interact with Dr. Douglas and ask questions


The cost for this webinar is $149


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