Join Michael Perlin and Heather Ellis-Cucolo for LIVE Professional Training on Mental Illness and Risk Assessment

Please join our Spring Training Session on Mental Illness, Dangerousness, the Police Power, and Risk Assessment presented by Professors Michael Perlin and Heather Ellis Cucolo. We limit the number of participants in each Spring Training session to ensure that you have the opportunity to engage in meaningful interaction and discussion with the instructors. This 30-hour training program includes weekly 1.5-hr live webinars with the instructors and supplemental readings from Professor Perlin’s casebook over the course of 10 weeks, beginning March 21st, 2016. Early Registration ends March 1st!


This Spring Training Session will focus on the relationship between mental illness, dangerous behavior and the police power, the ability of mental health professionals to predict dangerousness, and the significance of risk assessment instruments for a variety of decisions to be made in the legal system. Students will discover how these relationships and concepts play out in a variety of settings, including involuntary civil commitments, right to refuse treatment, and more.


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