Innovating Psychology and Law: AP-LS Presidential Address by Dr. Jennifer Skeem (Video)

Skeem1This year at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS), which took place in New Orleans during the first weekend in March, Dr. Jennifer Skeem presented her Presidential Address to a packed room early Friday morning.

Innovating Psychology and Law

The theme for Dr. Skeem’s address was innovating psychology and law, a topic in which Skeem has been thinking about for a while and addressing in her scholarship. Skeem’s chosen topic has also been addressed, either directly or indirectly, by other AP-LS Presidents in their Presidential Addresses and is one that is sure to continue to be addressed in the future as our field moves forward in important ways. The need to be constantly evolving and innovating is a common theme across many areas of science and Skeem’s message of the importance of interdisciplinary work for the advancement of our field cannot be overestimated. In her Address, Dr. Skeem sets out three ways in which we can innovate the field of psychology and law to achieve broader relevance across multiple domains. Dr. Skeem’s Presidential Address is a must-watch for anyone interested in how we can begin to move our field forward and outward in different ways.

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