IAFMHS 2013 Keynote: Current Thinking about Rehabilitation Models (Video)

The third Keynote address at the 2013 International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS) in Maastricht, Netherlands was given by Dr. Ruth Mann of the National Offender Management Service in the UK. Dr. Mann spoke about Current Thinking about Rehabilitation Models for offenders.


In this presentation I will consider the strength of the evidence in relation to attempts to reduce reoffending amongst those convicted of crime. I will exam- ine and compare the merits of three rehabilitation models: the Risk-Needs-Re- sponsivity Model, the Good Lives Model, and the Resettlement Model; and will discuss how far these models could be seen as complementary in practice. The presentation will also introduce the notion of “segmentation” whereby the population of people under the supervision of prison and probation services can be divided into meaningful subgroups based on characteristics relevant to their rehabilitation needs. The segmentation model allows for evidence-based planning of rehabilitation services on a large scale, and has exposed some crucial gaps in our knowledge of how to help people desist from criminal behaviour. I will propose some ways in which we could potentially improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation services by combining rehabilitation models with an understanding of the distinct risks and needs of different segments. The presentation will conclude with an appeal to policy makers, researchers and practitioners to work closely together, so that rehabilitation strategies can be more evidence-based and research can have a greater impact on practice.

The video of Dr. Mann’s keynote and the slides from her presentation is below. Her slides are also posted to the IAFMHS 2013 website for those who would like a PDF of her slides.

This was the third of four keynote addresses given at IAFMHS 2013. Next up, Judge Steven Leifman from Miami-Dade, FL speaks about transforming mental health system from a judicial perspective. Stay tuned…

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