How to Successfully Implement the HCR-20 in Practice (Video)

Henrik Belfrage, PhD

Version 3 of the HCR-20 was recently published. The International launch for the new version of this well known and widely-used risk assessment instrument was help on Edinburgh, Scotland at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The HCR-20 V3, like its predecessors, promotes a  structured professional judgement approach to the evaluation of risk for violence. In this video, Professor Henrik Belfrage of Sweden speaks about how to successfully implement the HCR-20 V3 in practice.

Next up, Professor Caroline Logan provides a case study using the HCR-20 V3.

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  1. I think before assess the patient we should use Jung”s method of psychoanalysis to discover the complex which encourages the patient to be violent.Moreover, the same complex does not encourages another patient to be violent.

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