Dr. Stephen Hart on the Administration of the HCR-V3 (Video)

prof-stephen-hartIn 2013 the long-awaited Version 3 of the HCR-20 was published. This assessment instrument uses a Structured Professional Judgment approach to threat assessment and risk management. At the International launch of the HCR-V3 in Edinburgh, Scotland a one-day conference was held where international experts involved in the development of Version 3 presented on various topics related to threat assessment and risk management with the new HCR-20 Version 3 (HCR-V3).

One of the speakers at this day-long conference, Dr. Stephen Hart, is an internationally known expert on threat assessment and risk management who helped shape the evolution of the structured professional judgment approach to risk assessment.

Administration of the HCR-V3

In this video, Dr. Hart presents on the administration procedures for the HCR-V3. This video is a must-watch for anyone involved in threat assessment and risk management.

Professional Training on the HCR-V3

CONCEPT has developed video-based online professional training on the HCR-V3. Drs. Kevin Douglas (the first author of the HCR-V3) and Stephen Hart presented a 2-day workshop on the HCR-V3 at Fordham University in NYC in June 2013. The online professional training program includes both didactic and interactive components and allows the opportunity to apply the HCR-V3 to sample cases. All of the training content provided in the 2-day in-person workshop is included in this training program and additional case studies, along with the opportunity to work through sample cases, is also included. More information about this professional training program is available here.

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