CONCEPT Professional Training to offer training on Competence to Stand Trial in 2016 Fall Training

GetFileAttachmentTAMPA, Fla.Sept. 6, 2016 – CONCEPT Professional Training, a global leader in online professional training in forensic mental health, announced today that they are offering a 2016 Fall Training session called Competence to Stand Trial, presented by Dr. Patricia Zapf. Concept’s 2016 Fall Training Session will provide the opportunity to be trained by and receive consultation from the leading experts in the field. Sessions are guided online training programs that run for 10 weeks and are 30 hours long in length. That includes 20 hours of online training and 10 hours of consultation time with Dr. Zapf over the course of 10 weeks, starting on October 9th and ending on December 17th.

This training program covers the legal foundations for adjudicative competence, including new developments in the conceptualization of the Dusky standard, as well as practical and theoretical issues in competency evaluation. Competency assessment instruments are reviewed in depth as are report writing and expert testimony. The trainee is taken through the foundations for competency evaluation, the specific abilities to be evaluated, how to formulate a case conceptualization and ultimate opinion regarding a defendant’s adjudicative competence, how to communicate opinions about competence in the written report and through expert testimony. In addition, participants will engage in one hour of weekly small group consultation with the instructor to discuss current clinical cases and other clinical implementation issues.

This guided online training will specifically cover:

* Important legal cases that deal with issues relevant to the interpretation of adjudicative competence standards and statutes
* Research on evaluations of adjudicative competence
* The most recent clinical guidance on competency evaluation and the best practices model
* Administration procedures for various competency assessment instruments as well as the psychometric properties of CAIs
* The process for case and opinion formulation
* The process of communicating opinions regarding criminal competence
* Required, appropriate, and inappropriate report contents

For more information on 2016 Fall Training workshops, visit the information page.

For more information on our instructors, visit Our Instructors page.

About CONCEPT Professional Training

Consolidated Continuing Education & Professional Training (CONCEPT) provides expert online professional training in areas relevant to criminal and civil forensic mental health assessment, corrections, law enforcement, and forensic intervention. Our goal is to provide premium professional training in an accessible online format. We believe in the value of world-class professional training, enhanced by continuing education and lifelong learning, in an online format accessible to all. CONCEPT is also approved by the American Psychological Association (CPA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists CONCEPT maintains responsibility for its programs and their content.

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