CONCEPT Professional Training Announces Summer Training Institute 2016 in NYC at John Jay College


(Lithia, FL –  March 1, 2016) – CONCEPT Professional Training, a global leader in online and live professional training in forensic mental health, announced today it is hosting Summer Training Institute 2016 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice June 13th – June 17th, 2016. Attendees will participate in in-person workshops with internationally renowned experts in the forensic mental health field. Select from 1-, 2-, and 3-day workshops to meet your practice needs. This 5 day professional training opportunity is perfect for forensic mental health professionals, law enforcement & correctional professionals, forensic evaluators, and those wishing to add forensic evaluation to their clinical practice.

June 13th-14th:  Evaluation of Criminal Responsibility / Insanity is a 2-day workshop presented by Dr. Ira Packer. This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of evaluations of criminal responsibility (insanity; mental state at the time of the offense). Best practices will be described and the empirical basis for evaluation in this area will highlighted.

June 16th – 17th: Evaluation of Risk for Intimate Partner Violence using the SARA-V3 is a 2-day workshop presented by Drs. Stephen Hart and Randall Kropp. This workshop will cover topics such as: principles of violence risk assessment and management; the development of the SARA-V3; the use of the SARA-V3 for intimate partner violence risk assessment and management; and the effective implementation of the SARA-V3 into practice in light of both institutional and community challenges.

June 16th – 17th: Evaluation for Child Custody: Essential Elements and Advanced Topics is a 2-day workshop presented by Dr. David Martindale. This workshop will provide an introduction to custody and parenting evaluations, and will address seven advanced topics, including: Relocation requests, allegations of intimate partner violence, child sexual abuse, and alienation.

June 13th – 14th: Skills Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a 2-day workshop presented by Dr. Michele Galietta. The primary focus of this 2-day workshop will be the content and delivery of the skills component of DBT with emphasis on relevant adaptations for forensic clients (e.g., substance abuse, skills for reducing violence & obsessional thinking).

June 15th: Violence Triage is a 1-day workshop presented by Drs. Stephen Hart and Kelly Watt. This workshop will focus on principles of Violence Triage for prioritizing cases and actions. The Violence Triage will help professionals and workplaces to make immediate decisions about receiving and assessing information concerning warning signs for violence risk, develop an action plan for resolution, and meet organizational reporting requirements.

June 15th: Forensic Applications of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a 1-day workshop presented by Dr. Michele Galietta. This workshop will provide participants with a thorough introduction to standard DBT, as well as specific adaptations and strategies useful with a variety of adult and juvenile forensic settings (e.g. jails/prisons, forensic hospitals, juvenile justice settings, probation.) DBT can reduce problem behaviors in individual clients, and also functions to stabilize the milieu by employing eastern principles of acceptance and compassion paired with careful application of behaviorism.

For more information on the Summer Training Institute 2016 visit the information page.


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