CONCEPT Professional Training Announces New Online Training Program called Cultural Competence

unnamedTAMPA, Fla.Sept. 19, 2016 – PRESS CONTACT

Mariela Estrada
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CONCEPT Professional Training, a global leader in online professional training in forensic mental health, announced today that it has launched a new professional online training program on Cultural Competence in Forensic Assessment, developed by Dr. Barry Rosenfeld. This program covers a range of issues related to forensic assessment of individuals from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Topics covered include an overview of the construct of “cultural competence” and the requisite self-assessment and pre-evaluation cultural research that is often necessary for cross-cultural assessments.

Cultural Competence in Forensic Assessment is intended for experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals who conduct forensic evaluations for the courts.

“In this training program we will focus on topics such as modifications to the typical evaluation and treatment process, decision-making regarding psychological testing and the interpretation of test results, the impact of language and culture on the therapeutic alliance, and the use (and misuse) of interpreters are reviewed,” explains Dr. Rosenfeld. “This program will also conclude with a review and discussion of ethical issues related to cross-cultural forensic assessment and treatment.”

This professional online training program will specifically cover:

* The principals of cultural competence in psychological evaluations.
* Forms of cultural biases that can impact forensic consultation.
* Steps necessary before evaluating individuals of diverse cultural background.
* Differentiating appropriate and inappropriate psychological tests that can be used with individuals of particular cultural backgrounds.
* Competently interpreting assessment and interview data in culturally diverse settings.
* Participants will be capable of training and utilizing interpreters in forensic assessment.
* Applying ethical standards to their cross-cultural practice.

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