CONCEPT Professional Training Announces New 10 Hr Online Training Program called START

STARTTAMPA, Fla.Nov. 8, 2016 – CONCEPT Professional Training, a global leader in online professional training in forensic mental health, announced today that it has launched a new professional online training program called Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (, a 20-item clinical guide for the dynamic assessment of seven risk domains. This training program was developed by Drs. Sarah L. Desmarais ( Tonia Nicholls ( is presented in partnership with ProActive ReSolutions. Drs. Desmarais and Nicholls are internationally recognized experts, prolific authors, and engaging presenters. They are passionate about providing evidence-based understanding, knowledge and skills about risk assessment, threat assessment and management that professionals can apply in practice as a tool for evaluation, planning, and research.

The START training program is intended for use with adults with mental, personality and substance related disorders and has been demonstrated to have relevance to correctional, civil, and forensic patients in the community or institutional settings.

“START guides clinicians toward an integrated, balanced opinion to evaluate the client’s risk across multiple domains and to guide treatment and management decisions,” explains Dr. Desmarais. “Clinicians are routinely required to make decisions and provide recommendations regarding the admission, discharge, and management of persons who may pose a risk of violence to self or others. This remains a challenging task, with divergent approaches and measures available to assist with these decisions.”

This professional online training program will specifically cover:

• Understanding the role of static and dynamic strength / risk factors in risk assessment and risk management.
• Becoming increasingly familiar with the role of strengths and vulnerabilities in client management and safety planning
• Learning how to administer, interpret, and implement START assessments.

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Robert Parfitt