CONCEPT Professional Training Announces Live 2016 Wednesday Webinar Series

 TAMPA, Fla.Feb. 22, 2016 – CONCEPT Professional Training will be offering monthly 90 minute LIVE webinar with the leading experts in the forensic field. This series features topics relevant to forensic evaluation and forensic mental health assessment. Webinar topics include educational overviews, research updates, and targeted discussions of topics relevant to your forensic practice including threat assessment, risk assessment and risk communication.

Below is a full listing of the available 2016 webinars.

February 24th: Structured Professional Judgment | Presented by Dr. Kelly Watt
March 23rd: Legal Issues and Violence Risk | Presented by Dr. Stephen Hart
April 20th: Victim Safety Planning | Presented by Dr. Kelly Watt
May 25th: HCR-20 Research Update | Presented by Dr. Kevin Douglas
August 24th: Confabulation and Suggestibility: Clinical, Forensic and Judicial considerations | Presented by Jerrod Brown
September 21st: SARA Research Update | Presented by Dr. Randall Kropp
October 26th: Violence Triage | Presented by Dr. Kelly Watt
November 16th: Violence Risk Communication | Presented by Dr. Laura Guy
December 14th: Threat Assessment Team Challenges | Presented by Dr. Stephen Hart

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