CONCEPT is pleased to offer Continuing Education credits (CLE) for some of the sessions at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS). We do this as a service to our profession as many of our colleagues appreciate the ability to receive CLE credit for attending this conference. This conference is held in a different location each year. The 2018 Conference will be held in Memphis from March 8-10, 2018.

CLE Sessions for the 2018 APLS Conference

CE Credit is available for all plenaries and a number of paper sessions / symposia at the 2014 Conference. Registrants may earn up to 4 hours of Continuing Education (CLE) Credit at this conference.

Instructions for Earning CLE Credit at AP-LS

Professionals interested in receiving CE credit for the relevant AP-LS Conference Sessions can do so by following the steps listed below.

We use a fully-online system so please read these instructions carefully.

1. Register your contact information with CONCEPT

You will need to register your contact information by clicking here (sorry, we close this link 1 month after the conference). You will be asked to create a username and password. Once the conference begins (Thursday morning), you will be able to use these login credentials (a copy will also be emailed to you) to login to the CONCEPT site. Upon login (found in the top, right corner of the website), you will be directed to the Dashboard, which is where you will be able to select the APLS 2018 Memphis CLE link (available once the conference begins on Thursday March 8th) to complete an Evaluation Form for each CLE-eligible session you attend. You can also get to the Dashboard by clicking the link on the drop down menu under Programs at the top of the webpage.

2. Complete an Evaluation Form ONLINE for each CE-eligible session you attend

During the conference (session), or shortly thereafter, you will login to the CONCEPT website to complete an Evaluation Form for each CLE-eligible session you attend.

  • Login to the CONCEPT website (login link in top, right corner)
  • From the Dashboard page, please select APLS 2018 Memphis CLE under Active Registrations and then, from the course page, select the timeslot during which the session took place (you will then be presented with a list of eligible sessions during that timeslot)
  • Select the CE-eligible session that you attended and hit the “start” button to begin the Evaluation Form
  • Once you have completed/submitted the Evaluation Form, you will be able to download and print your Certificate of Attendance (these do not have to be downloaded or printed right away, the links will accumulate along the right side of the page and you can come back to download and print at your convenience)
  • To move to an Evaluation Form for another session you attended, you will select the timeslot from the bottom of the page and proceed as above.
  • You can log in and out multiple times; all your evaluations/certificates will be saved

3. Download and print your Certificate(s) of Attendance at your convenience 

Once you get home from the Conference you can simply login to the CONCEPT website and then click the links to download and print your Certificates of Attendance. All Certificates must be downloaded and printed within 1 year.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining CLE credit for sessions at AP-LS or require any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and see you in Memphis!