Consolidated Continuing Education & Professional Training (CONCEPT) is a world-class provider of premium online professional training in areas relevant to criminal and civil forensic mental health assessment, corrections, law enforcement, and forensic intervention. We strive to provide busy professionals with the content they need, developed by the experts they know, and delivered in a format they want. We work with organizations to develop professional training programs appropriate to their needs and implement program evaluation to ascertain the effectiveness of the training. In addition to our professional training programs, CONCEPT provides free resources to assist busy professionals in maintaining a cutting edge practice. Specific areas of specialization include criminal and civil forensic mental health assessment, threat assessment, risk management, and forensic interventions.

Here is what sets us apart from other professional training providers.

We Individualize the Format for Your Learning Style

At CONCEPT, we understand that everyone learns differently. What works for one person is not necessarily optimal for another. This is why we have developed our programs with content delivery options that allow you to select the format that works best for your particular learning style. Whether you prefer to learn by watching a video, or by reading, or you prefer to listen to an mp3 while you are on the go, working out, or driving, we’ve got you covered. We have tailored the educational experience to your personal needs by offering each of our training programs in multiple formats.

We Focus on Forensic

Forensic psychology is one of the fastest growing areas of psychology; however, it is difficult to find professional training and Continuing Education courses that are geared toward this particular area of practice. At CONCEPT, our professional training programs target a wide audience of professionals, including mental health, correctional, and law enforcement professionals but each of our programs focus on some aspect of forensic psychology since this is our primary area of expertise. We partner with experts and leaders in all areas of the field of forensic psychology to provide the highest quality training and education.

We Serve the Needs of Individuals and Organizations

Our main goal at CONCEPT is to provide high-quality professional training in an accessible online format. We believe in the value of world-class professional training, enhanced by continuing education and lifelong learning, in an online format that is accessible to all.

CONCEPT provides professional training opportunities that meet the specific needs of various academic, forensic, law enforcement, and correctional organizations. We work with your organization to provide the training that you require for your professional employees and contractors and can offer formal Continuing Education (CE) credit* for these training experiences.

CONCEPT provides professional training programs, for individuals and for organizations, that set the foundation for solid forensic practice. Foundational and advanced professional training opportunities allow you, or the individuals within your organization, to continue to build upon and enhance the knowledge and skills required for effective professional practice. In addition to solid, world-class professional training, we also offer free resources on a regular basis to promote lifelong learning and to allow you to stay at the top of your practice.

We Emphasize Evidence-Based Practice

All of our professional training programs are based on the latest research and evidence-based practices, which allows you to incorporate relevant, up-to-date information based upon a solid scientific foundation into your practice.

Partnering with well-respected and well-published experts and leaders in the field of forensic mental health ensures that we are able to offer the highest-quality professional training to meet the specific needs of your organization.

We Conduct Ongoing Program Evaluation

In addition to basing our professional training programs on the latest research and evidence-based practices, we also conform to these same principles by conducting research on our programs to ensure that they meet the appropriate standards of educational practice and effectively provide the knowledge and skills set out in the course learning objectives.

As part of our professional training program offerings, we work with you to determine the specific needs of your organization and then customize the training experience to meet those needs. Conducting program evaluation research on the training experience allows us to ensure that we are meeting the needs of your organization and your professional employees and contractors.

At CONCEPT, we provide professional training programs for busy professionals and for organizations that employ busy professionals. The simple fact is that the demands on our time are steadily increasing. Tighter budgets, higher case loads, and limited resources all mean that we are trying to do more with less. Taking time away from a busy practice, an under-resourced forensic hospital or correctional facility, or from an overwhelmed public service agency can be detrimental.

We understand what it’s like to know that professional training can take your practice, organization, facility, or agency to the next level in service provision but recognize the limitations of having to take days away in order to secure that professional training. The time away, the cost of travel, and the opportunity costs of sitting in a workshop over a weekend or during precious work days somehow just doesn’t seem to be compensated for by most professional training opportunities.

As solid as they might be, most in-person professional training opportunities are less than optimal in some way. Either, you don’t take in the materials to the fullest extent because they are presented in a format that isn’t optimal for your particular learning style. Or, you spend most of your time sitting in a workshop with your mind wandering, thinking about all the work that is piling up, and you start to check email and surf the web while only paying partial attention to the material being presented. Or, the materials are interesting but the time frame doesn’t allow you the opportunity to really digest or interact with them, or develop mastery, or to think about how they might be implemented into your own professional practice activities. Or, worse yet, you selected the particular workshop because you needed CEs for license renewal and, although it is not exactly what you might need in your particular professional practice, it was one of the few that were offered on forensic topics.

  • What if you could get the professional training you need to learn new skills and to take your professional practice to the next level but didn’t have to leave the comfort of your own surroundings to do so?

  • What if you could obtain world-class professional training without having to travel or take days off?

  • What if you could access professional training by the best experts in the world from wherever you are?

  • What if you could tailor your experience so that you could work to master small chunks of material in manageable time frames, like over lunch or for an hour or so in the evening?

  • What if you could select the most appropriate training format for your own particular learning style?

  • What if you could obtain CE credit for meaningful professional training experiences that will take your professional activities to the next level?

At CONCEPT, we asked these very questions because we, like you, are busy professionals who want world-class professional training in areas relevant to our practice, developed by the most well-known experts in the world, that can be tailored to our schedules and delivered in the format that works best for each of us.

Then, we went ahead and created this experience!

At CONCEPT, we have created the ultimate online user experience. Our clean, simple interface makes it easy to navigate the training program materials. We place limits on the number of programs that we offer at any given time and on the number of active participants in any given training program to ensure that each user engages in a premium online training experience. In addition, a separate domain is used for our organization-based training programs to ensure that we meet the specific goals and objectives of every organization with which we work. No unnecessary bells or whistles; just a simple, clean interface paired with outstanding content.

Each of our professional training programs contains high-quality, evidence-based content, developed by one of the leading experts in the specific content area. Our programs are developed with the busy professional in mind.

  • Each program is divided into manageable chunks of information that are sequential and graded in complexity. You first learn the foundational concepts and then have an opportunity to apply these in more advanced scenarios.

  • Each program contains didactic training materials as well as interactive experiences where you have the opportunity to apply the concepts that you are learning to relevant real-world situations.

  • Each program is delivered in multiple formats to suit the varied needs of individuals with different learning styles: videos that pair audio and visual materials; written transcripts for those who learn best by reading; and audio mp3 files for those who want to be able to listen while at the gym, or driving, or on the go.

  • Each program also includes downloadable slides / handouts where you can take notes and make comments about how best to implement the materials into your professional practice activities






*CONCEPT maintains several approvals to provide CE for various mental health professionals. A complete listing of our approvals can be found here.

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