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The CONCEPT Experience

At CONCEPT, we have created the ultimate online user experience. Our clean, simple interface makes it easy to navigate the training program materials. We place limits on the number of programs that we offer at any given time and on the number of active participants in any given training program to ensure that each user engages in a premium online training experience. In addition, a separate domain is used for our organization-based training programs to ensure that we meet the specific goals and objectives of every organization with which we work. No unnecessary bells or whistles; just a simple, clean interface paired with outstanding content.

Each of our professional training programs contains high-quality, evidence-based content, developed by one of the leading experts in the specific content area. Our programs are developed with the busy professional in mind.

  • Each program is divided into manageable chunks of information that are sequential and graded in complexity. You first learn the foundational concepts and then have an opportunity to apply these in more advanced scenarios.
  • Each program contains didactic training materials as well as interactive experiences where you have the opportunity to apply the concepts that you are learning to relevant real-world situations.
  • Each program is delivered in multiple formats to suit the varied needs of individuals with different learning styles: videos that pair audio and visual materials; written transcripts for those who learn best by reading; and audio mp3 files for those who want to be able to listen while at the gym, or driving, or on the go.
  • Each program also includes downloadable slides / handouts where you can take notes and make comments about how best to implement the materials into your professional practice activities

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