Who We Are

CONCEPT has revolutionized professional training for organizations and individuals who need education relevant to forensic mental health. We provide world-class online professional training in important and relevant content areas that can be tailored to your individual learning style. We provide the Training Content you NEED, developed by the Experts you KNOW, and delivered in the Format you WANT.

About Us

What We Do

CONCEPT provides training programs for busy professionals and for organizations that employ busy professionals. We provide world-class online professional training, developed by the leading experts in forensic mental health, and delivered in multiple formats to suit your learning style and your lifestyle. Whether you learn by video format pairing audio and visual elements, or by reading, or by listening to an mp3 on the go, we deliver the format to suit your style.


How We Can Help

CONCEPT provides free resources for busy professionals in the form of a biweekly feature on translating research into practice and updates on new developments relevant to forensic mental health. We make it easy for you to keep up with the field's latest legal decisions, assessment techniques, interventions, and research. Check out our archive of free resources and don't forget to sign up for our updates delivered straight to your inbox.